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Rhythm Extreme

Rhythm Extreme's shows are filled with drumming, tapping, banging, slamming, spinning and burning beats!   In addition to using real drums, Rhythm Extreme also creates customized infectious beats with oil drums, trash cans, buckets, brooms, hockey sticks, prescription bottles, BBQ grills, forks, spoons and lots of other everyday ordinary objects.  Give them ANYTHING and they'll use it to make rhythm!

The Company Men

The four-man vocal group creates original mashups of hits from yesterday and today. This talented ensemble provides an engaging, fully choreographed show that corporate audience's across the globe love regardless of their demographic. They’re a great fit for a variety of corporate events.

Michael Grandinetti - Illusionist

With performances on national and international television, in stadiums and theaters around the country, for Fortune 500 companies, and at The White House, audiences around the world hail Michael Grandinetti as an extremely talented entertainer with a unique style, a compelling creative vision, and a fantastic entertainer and illusionist.  Over the past 20 years, Michael has strived to make magic relevant, giving it a wide, mainstream appeal.

Classical Mystery Tour

Classical Mystery Tour offers audiences a chance to experience The Beatles live. It’s more than just a rock concert; the event showcases 30 Beatles tunes, sung, played, and performed exactly as they were written. Hear "Penny Lane" with a live trumpet section, Experience "Yesterday" with an acoustic guitar and string quartet. Enjoy the rock/classical blend on the hard-edged "I Am the Walrus."  From early The Beatles music on through the solo years, Classical Mystery Tour is the best of The Beatles like you've never heard them.